In recent years, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology have been developing rapidly, and there are many intersection and mutual promotion relationships between them. How can AI help with blockchain development? What are the blockchain projects related to AI? Here is an introduction.

With the continuous development of technology, blockchain technology and AI technology are also constantly evolving. Now, the combination of two kinds of science and technology gradually become a hot topic, plus Hong Kong chief executive li jia-chao in Hong Kong Web3.0 association ceremony, said in June implementation of licensing system for virtual assets trading platform to provide a certain degree of market recognition, to ensure market steady and orderly development, ensure the safety of investors’ investment trading, market heat can imagine.

The combination of blockchain technology and AI technology can help combine the security and decentralized advantages of blockchain technology with the intelligence and big data analysis of AI technology to achieve more efficient, more secure and more reliable business scenarios.

Specifically, the role of blockchain technology in the development of AI technology may be the economic system that blockchain can change the AI model, and the powerful database on blockchain can also be used by AI. The decentralized and immutable characteristics of blockchain can also promote the privacy protection of AI technology, new transparency and so on. For projects in blockchain, AI technology is able to help blockchain technology process a large amount of data, transaction matching, accurate pricing and so on.

This combination mainly has the following several pipelines:

1. Blockchain storage: storing a large amount of AI training data and models on the blockchain network can ensure the security and fairness of data, so as to prevent data tampering or abuse.

2. AI computing resource allocation: In a distributed blockchain network, smart contracts can be used to allocate AI computing resources, thus improving computing efficiency and popularity.

3. Enhance privacy protection: By using blockchain technology, the privacy protection of AI systems can be enhanced to protect personal data from abuse or disclosure.

4. Decentralized AI model: By using blockchain technology, a decentralized AI model can be built, so as to achieve more transparent and credible AI applications.

Here are some representative projects analyzed:


Zionex Is one of the South Korea’s well-known private equity KTB investment, Singapore too fund, Zionex block chain laboratory with the original Coinbase exchange co-founder Mr Fred Ehrsam is committed to development and operation, OpenAI chief technology officer Mira Murati as technical consultant, through the original aggregation function development, combined with AI artificial intelligence, quantitative trading system developed the world’s first Web3 AI trading social aggregation platform.

The platform has the following advantages:

Original calculus: the original function detects the high and low water level of the currency for a long time, as the control trigger to buy and sell parameters. Avoid the risk of the entry of the currency level.

Insurance mechanism: an original security mechanism without any cryptocurrency AI on the market. Buy insurance according to the needs of members, to avoid the crisis of a sharp price plunge.

Beat humanity: AI without emotion will not “chase high and kill low” automatic 24HR operation.

Measured data: The measured data of the development team is far more than any AI investment in the market.

Promotion mechanism: let the members without funds can generate fixed income, and generate greater income through vigorous promotion.

Capital security: Member funds are placed in the cryptocurrency exchange applied for by members themselves, and AI has no permission to withdraw or transfer any currency.


Zionex characteristic

A suitable for all trading platform: provide automatic trading, users do not need to stare immediately, save a lot of time, human mood is the biggest obstacle in the trade, and Zionex automatic trading can well avoid this problem, intelligent trading function and scientific trading mathematical model can without the interference of emotional factors, completely correct investors irrational error operation. At the same time, the fully automatic trading is highly programmable, and the users can set the parameters according to their own actual situation, so as to achieve the purpose of optimization.

With a growing ecosystem: Zionex has a growing ecosystem that can provide diversified blockchain tools for the decentralized financial world and make the complex blockchain simple!

Very safe, rest assured: years of technology precipitation, to ensure the safety of your assets “. No private key leakage, to provide you with security and stability guarantee! More asset rescue tools, in the user encountered security problems to quickly transfer assets on the chain, reduce losses.

Mobile support: Zionex will develop mobile mobile devices. All tools are developed based on the needs of real users. Use the Zionex mobile APP to manage wallets, query attention information, and receive push notifications anytime and anywhere.


The AGIX coins date back to 2017, when the SingularityNET project was founded by Ben Goertzel. The goal of the project is to create a decentralized AI network that makes it easier to use AI technology and thus drive it. The AGIX coin serves as a token for the platform to support services and applications on the SingularityNET platform.

Compared with other cryptocurrencies, AGIX features its focus on the field of artificial intelligence, giving it a first-mover advantage in smart contracts, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence computing and other aspects. At the same time, AGIX coin, as a payment means on the SingularityNET platform, can be used to purchase artificial intelligence services, making its application scenarios more extensive.

Characteristics of the AGIX currency:

A, high safety

The AGIX coin uses blockchain technology, making it highly secure and anonymous in the transaction process, and not easy to be attacked and tampered with. At the same time, due to its decentralized characteristics, the data storage and transmission are made more secure and reliable.

B. The decentralized network

The decentralized network of AGIX makes it free from control and interference from central institutions, which means it is more democratic and liberal. At the same time, the decentralized network can also avoid a single point of failure, making the system more robust and stable.

C. Fast, low-cost trading

AGIX coins trade fast and have low transaction costs. This is thanks to its use of blockchain technology, which allows transactions to be completed quickly and in distributed systems without transactions through banks or other agencies. This not only saves time and cost, but also improves the transaction efficiency.

D. programmable design smart contract

The AGIX currency uses smart contract technology that allows both parties to complete a transaction without the need for cooperate and automatically execute transactions on the contract. This technology not only simplifies the trading process, but also improves the security and transparency of the transactions.


Render Network (RNDR), translated as Rendering Network, is a decentralized network of blockchain technology and a provider of rendering solutions based on distributed GPU. RNDR is an ERC-223 standard token to support rendering on the rendering network.

According to Render Network’s website, Render makes the powerful features of GPU rendering within reach, using OTOY (OTOY Inc., an industry-leading cloud imaging company and the parent company of Render Network) technology to promote the computing market between GPU providers and GPU requesters, and providing the powerful rendering capabilities of “get at your fingertips” for users around the world. Render Is the first decentralized economy network that can turn GPU computing power into connectivity to 3D assets.

RNDR’s currency price is currently low compared to its high in early 2022.

But the low price can attract many people to participate in this market, and the current price of bitcoin is not very suitable for ordinary Fox.”The price of the token, maybe not just for the short term, but for the long term, and for me,” said the project founder. My thinking about the rendering industry, such as the patent for tokenization, also shows that I am a long-termism.


Therefore, with the recovery of the crypto industry, the development of the company and the borrowing of the topic of meta-universe, I believe that the currency price of RNDR will soon have a big increase.

sum up

In fact, most of these AI concept projects in the blockchain industry take advantage of the advantages of AI technology in some aspects. With the help of AI technology, the blockchain projects can achieve more efficient, secure and so on. Projects to combine blockchain and AI technology are currently in their infancy. Although this combination has attracted much attention and is considered to have great potential, specific applications are still limited and require more research and development to realize its full potential.

In short, the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will drive change and development in many fields in the future, including finance, health care, and energy. In the future, with the continuous evolution and innovation of AI and blockchain technology, we believe that there will be more meaningful and useful projects and applications to bring more intelligent and convenient life experience to human beings.